All about Clenbuterol – benefits and dosage

Clenbuterol also called as Clen, was initially developed as a decongestant for treating breathing problems. It is also used in treating breathing issues in animals like horses. Due to its recognized properties of weight loss without any muscle loss, many body builders and athletes have started to use it. Even many Hollywood actors have used it for weight loss. It is a wonder drug for weight loss if combined with proper diet and exercise. Hence it is famously called as “Size Zero Pill”. Many consider it to be a steroid but it is not.It expands the muscles and helps the nutrients to reach the muscles which helps in building muscles. It also increases adrenaline rush in your body which allows you do perform much better in workouts. Check out the cost of Clen alternatives.

Benefits of Clen for body building:

  1. Clen works on CNS by suppressing hunger and food cravings which helps in controlling appetite.
  2. Fatty acids in the body are released in the bloodstream which gives more energy for workouts.
  3. Its thermogenic effect helps in burning fatter.
  4. Bronchodilation effect also helps releasing more energy that can be used for workout.


Clen is available in the form of tablets, injections, nasal spray and liquid also. However, it is commonly available in 20mcg tablets. Check the cost of Clen alternatives here.

Like with any drug, you should always start Clen in a low dose of 20mcg and then slowly increase it as per how your body adjusts. Remember not to exceed it over 200mcg.

Clen has a half-life of 48 hours which means that the dose you take will be in your bloodstream for 2 days. This means you should never overdose.

There are 3 main cycles that people use to take Clen. First is taking it for 2 days and then stopping it for 2 days. The second way is to take it continuously for 2 weeks and then give a break for 2 weeks. The third way is to take the drug every day by starting it with a low dose and slowly increase it. The best among all the cycles is to take it to take it for 2 weeks and stop for 2 weeks because by giving a break you are going to allow your body to react better to the drug else it goes cold. Also that better results can be seen after using Clen for 2 weeks. Hence it is always advisable to start with 20mcg and a high dose of 40 mcg for 7 days which will be continued in the second week. Now take a break for 2 weeks and then start with 40 mcg in 5th week and 60 mcg, take a break in week 7 and 8 , start with 60mcg in week 9 and 80 mcg in week 10. This is the recommended cycle for men. Women can start with 10mcg in week 1 and 20mcg in week 2, take 2 weeks off, start with 20mcg in week 5 and take 30mcg in week 6.

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