Cheapest way to transfer money to your family in India from international accounts

Are you residing abroad? Is your family in India? If you need to send money to India from your international accounts, then it is quite an easy affair. The recent years have observed a rise in the number of Indians migrating to different countries of the world due to job purposes. Therefore, the need to transfer money back to their homes in India has also increased. To aid the transfer of money with ease, there are several money transfer operators and services in every country.

There is no need of paying much for online transfer to India. In fact, you can choose the services that offer better reliability and features like attractive exchange and lower transfer rates. Here are some of the cheapest ways of transferring money to India from your international accounts:

  • TransFast: This is a global money transfer scheme that offers reduced fees and increased exchange rates for those residing abroad to send money to India. In case you are a new customer and willing to wait for some days to transfer your money, then Transfast aims to offer high promotional exchange rates at $0 fees. This is one of those money transfer schemes that would generate a huge amount of money in Indian currency out of your dollars. Due to the $0 fees, this is the cheapest way of sending money to your family in India.
  • Western Union: This is one of the largest money transfer schemes in the world. This global money transfer scheme is famous for being the largest network of cash operators and agents worldwide. Therefore, Western Union is considered to be the most secure and reliable modes of transferring money internationally from any country. The foreign exchange rates offered by Western Union are highly lucrative and reliable. Therefore, you can be assured of the ease of money transfer to India with this secure money transfer company.
  • Ria Money Transfer: If you are looking specifically for cheaper modes of transferring money to India from any country, then this is the cheapest option available for you. The low prices along with higher exchange rates are not just offered just for India, but across the globe with the help of Ria money transfer scheme. In case you are in need of transferring the money faster, then Ria permits its customers to make use of the debit card as well. This service is also offered at a relatively lower price.

The money can be transferred from the bank accounts also. There are better exchange rates offered by the company along with $0 fee for the money transfers. The entire process would take just around 3-5 days. Due to the consistently cheaper rates and higher exchange rates, Ria Money Transfers is considered to be a great way for sending money smartly at cheaper rates to India.

  • TransferWise: This is another reliable money transfer company that lets its customers transfer money from abroad to India with much ease and in a cheaper manner. It can be treated as a smart and secure way for sending money directly to India. It offers extremely lower fixed transfer rate that helps you in saving substantial money. There are no hidden costs and the money reaches the desired recipient within the stipulated time or sometimes even earlier.

TransferWise assures of a very fast delivery time of the transferred money to any parts of India. The transfer usually happens within 24 hours. If there are public holidays, then the transfer might take around two days. The services offered by TransferWise are a smarter way to get rid of the high bank fees. When you would make use of this service, you will realize that there is no longer the need of sending money through higher bank transfer rates. TransferWise is usually utilized for sending money from the European union countries and from the UK to India.

If you have the need to send money to someone in India, then you need not worry about the transfer and exchange rates anymore. There are several cheaper options of doing the same with much ease. You can make use of the above-mentioned services to send money to India at highly cheaper rates.

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