Cornerstone Family Dentistry: Providing Solutions to All the Teeth Problems of Your Children

The moment you step into the Peterborough dental clinic, you would be greeted and welcomed by the staff which is very friendly. The attractive surroundings will bring happiness to you and you will find that your child is completely lost in the surroundings with happiness. The child is no more afraid of meeting the dentist. The staff uses playful interactions and other games to ensure that your child is relaxed and comfortable during the wait for Peterborough dentist.

Long Lasting Loyalty

Serving the patients for over twenty years, Cornerstone Family Dentistry has been building in relationship a relation of trust with the families in Peterborough with their dental services. The Peterborough dentists have been creating smiles in the families with their services. One can check the site to get an idea of why the dentists in Peterborough are being called as family dentists. The dentists in Peterborough, Ontario have served the patients spanning generations, from babies to the elderly. This is precisely the reason why a dentist in Peterborough enjoys such kind of long term loyalty.

Services Provided

Peterborough Dental Services provide all kinds of services related to teeth from simple teeth whitening to use of Invisalign invisible braces. The dentists Peterborough serves both children and adults. The various dental services provided by dentist Peterborough include family dentistry, children’s dentistry, digital x-rays, cosmetic dentistry, Invisaligh invisible braces and sedation dentistry. The dentist Peterborough, Ontario would first start by doing a complete analysis of your teeth and comes up with a list of all your dental needs. All your concerns will be answered and an assessment would be made on the overall health of your teeth. The dentist would also review your medical history apart from taking photographs and digital x-rays of your teeth. There would be a complete assessment of your supporting gums as well.

Couple with babies can take maximum advantage of Peterbough dentists. The dentists help the parents overcome baby bottle syndrome. Most of the parents do not realize the fact that keeping the bottle in the mouth of the baby for a long time or overnight can cause the baby to have tooth aches, tooth decays and also loss of baby teeth. This can also affect the speech of the baby. There would be changes in the development of the jaw and improper eruption of permanent teeth. The dentists have solutions to all these problems and the parents whose kids are having this problem even on their 3rd birthday can approach the dentists for solutions.

The highly experienced and qualified Restorative Dental Hygienist, under the supervision of a dentist can prepare and cement temporary crowns and also place cavity liners. The Restorative Dental Hygienist can place and finish amalgam, composite resin and temporary restoration, including gingival retraction also if required. The restorations would be adjusted and Orthodontic procedures would be performed. All the duties of the Restorative Dental Hygienist are in compliance with the standards of practice that are approved by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario and listed in the proposed RCDSO Standards.

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