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When the word photography comes, people start amusing colorful images or pictures. Photography is an art of capturing different things in the camera. With an advancement of technology, a drastic change has come in the field of photography. Today, different types of camera are available in the marketplace through which photography has become easy. Anyone can become a good photographer with the correct use of a camera. One needs to have creative and imaginative mind to be a photographer. Many people are there who love to capture the things or the objects in their camera.

Let’s discover the photography.

Monochrome or black and white photography

Black and white is one of the classic photography that one can do. Black and white is not the way of presenting the image of a particular object instead it discover the character, quality, contour, visual art, tone and beauty of a particular object. Shadows and highlights are the two important mechanisms of the monochrome photography. One can easily learn the basic mechanism of photography by watching the videos of Radha Singh Hazlet . If an individual learns to use this mechanism then he/she can create great pictures.

Feat photography

Feat photography can be done by taking the picture of an event, sports or by clicking the picture of children playing on the ground. A feat or the action photography means taking a picture of any action. A different feature is there in the photography that can add movement and drama in the picture. Action or the feat photography can be very challenging because one has to click the picture when the action is going on by the subject. In simple words, you can say that one need to be very skilled to use the action photography.

Floating photography

Floating or the floating photography is one of the most beautiful photography. With the help of the aerial photography, one can capture the beauty of the city or the landscape easily. Aerial photography can be done easily with the help of a helicopter. There are many effects through which one can create aerial photography easily. Not every photographer can afford the helicopter for aerial photography instead they can create it by using different effects from the top of the mountains, buildings or the bridges. In this way, one can enjoy the aerial photography easily.

Tourism photography

Tourism or the travel photography is not just to click the pictures while going out for the vacation. It is about clicking the moments that an individual spends with their near and dear ones. Travel photography is about narrating the story of the place and the people that you met on your holiday through the picture. In this way, one can capture the beautiful places and beautiful people in their camera. It is not necessary that one has to plan an expensive or the foreign holiday trip for the photography. It can be also done in nearby town or the city.

Radha Singh Hazlet offers interesting insight on photography and anybody interested in capturing moments and creating memories should have a basic understanding of the subject.

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