Finding The Reasons to be at an Art Auction

Auction is a word that stimulates the financial strings of the brain, because it is at an auction that the buying and selling of assets are carried out. Auction was previously related to the purchase and sales of antique objects, but now that has changed considerably and even the works of art are being sold. This is what is known as Art Auction.

Exclusive and splendid works of art of various artists can be found at these auctions where people are given the choice of either just admiring and appreciating them or even buying them if they wish to. Mark Borghi an art enthusiast organizes exhibitions which are similar to the auctions barring the buying and selling aspect of it. These exhibitions are organized at his art galleries in Palm Beach, New York and Bridgehampton.

The exhibitions showcase works of renowned artists both of the past and of the present that include contemporary, pop and abstract art as well. One of exhibitions particularly featured a wall sculpture that was created out of the spare parts of automobiles. His galleries are places of charity as well.

The art auction serves a dual purpose, the first is the more serious a and the most obvious reason why you would be there, i.e. to buy a piece of art, and the other, a rather relaxed reason is to be able to socialize and get to know artistic people. For those who are in love with painting or sculpting and are passionate about it, it is the most suitable place to be. You could even learn a lot of things and gain immense knowledge just by looking at the different techniques used to create the masterpieces.

Auctions have three basic different kinds:

  1. The Consignment Auction
  2. The Mixed Auction and
  • The Estate Auction

The auctions held at the places of business such as an office or corporate sector are considered to be the first kind of auction. This is the kind that has reserves attached to its articles of art, which means there are certain items not meant to be sold. Under this heading another type of auction exists in which if a businessman is unable to pay off his dues, his property or assets are put up for sale, in order to redeem the amount borrowed.

An estate auction would refer to the auction that is carried out at the residence of an individual in order to sell off his assets. In this there are no reservations attached to any item and often the very expensive art items are seen to be auctioned at very high rates.

A mixed auction just as its name suggests is a combination of both consignment and estate auction. Hence, if you wish to enjoy good works so art and learn from them you should visit art auctions. Also the exhibitions of art that are held by Mark Borghi are a good source of information for various kinds of art, and a place that you  should visit if you are a lover of art.

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