GMC Trucks Defines the History of the Trucking Industry in a Nutshell

The trucking industry is wide and a world of its own. The huge variety of trucks, the number of trucking corporations, the owner-operators struggling hard to make their own identity in the market, recession hitting the truckers hard- all these are an intricate part of the trucking industry, and all of them constitute to make the industry a complete circle. While the trucking industry is being spoken of, GMC always finds its special mention because of the wide variety of service, trucks, pickup trucks and commercial vehicles that they have been providing in the market. Although it was earlier known as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, it took seven years for the manufacturers to be what it is today, and come up as the General Motors Corporation.

As per trucking magnate, Fred Barbara trucking industry isn’t the result of just one or two decades, rather it is few centuries that help it to stand where it is. The early years were not so stable for GMC were not even worth mentioning. They came up with just 372 trucks when almost 22,000 commercial trucks were found to be running on the road. The figure seems to be very pale to what it stands now. One particular fact, that Fred believes is new to a lot of people, is GMC was the forerunner of the battery-powered electric trucks which made nine separate models in the market and had the capability of carrying one and a half to six tons of load.

Marketing was what GMC was lacking, and they realized that popularity was essential then, for the brand to find some presence in the industry. As a result of it, they put up a publicity stunt in 1916, where William Warwick drove the one and a half ton loaded GMC truck from Seattle to New York and back, creating a record of being the first truck that drove across the entire USA in less than five weeks.

This particular venture seemed to work perfectly as the Army decided to include the GMC trucks for their fleet. In fact, it is recorded in their history, how the World War I turned out to be a major breakthrough in their business. More than 90% of all their production was taken by the military in between 1917 and 1919, with the count being 8,500. Although the world was devastated by the war, GMC wasn’t. Taking the feedbacks, and studying the reports of the performance of their trucks in the war, they started with their research work of how new technologies could be innovated. The first of its change being found in the tires in 1920, when the pneumatic tires replaced the solid rubber ones.

Within a few more years, the capacity of GMC has already risen to 10 tons with rear wheel brakes adding to the safety factor. The wheels of the trucking industry started rolling there on and there was no one stopping it. According to Fred Barbara, trucking industry gives a perfect example of evolution through multiple phases finding its turn. What gives the industry the edge is their looking forward to future and not behind every single say they exist.

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