Heated wiper blades – Some insight


Heated wiper blades are made to be used in the winter.  When you purchase an item, it is necessary to understand the product and its use. Thus, you will be able to use the product as it is intended to be used by the manufacturer. Doing so will increase the efficiency when the product is being used and will also save you a cost for not using the product properly?

How heated wiper blades work

Heated wiper blades are of two types, automatic and non-automatic. Their function greatly depends on whether they are integrated into the car system or not

  • Automatic – These days with the new technologies and smart cars, most windshield wiper blades are automatic and integrated with the car system. This means that the system turns itself on automatically and there are no manual buttons to push. An integrated sensor depicts the ambient temperature. If it is below 5 degrees, once you turn on the wiper because it is snowing or raining in the winter, it also automatically turns itself on preventing the snow or rain to freeze on the windscreen.
  • Non-automatic – As it is mentioned, you will have to manually turn it on. Even though they have to be turned on manually, it is better to have them than traditional wipers because it saves you the time of having to scrape the snow yourself if for instance, you start in the morning and the windshield had frozen at night, or for them not functioning because of the cold.

Heated wiper blades types to consider

Heated wiper blades like most products these days are made in different models and types. The consumer has a wide range of choices. Among the types of wiper blades found in the market, there are

  • Beam blades – the beam blades do not have any external frame and spring steel are integrated inside the rubber such as to make it grip the windscreen with equal pressure in its entire length
  • Winter blades – these have rubbers that have been fire-treated and are a lot stronger and resistant the traditional blades
  • Silicone blades – As understood, these blades are made of silicone instead of rubber
  • contour blades – these blades are very flexible and conform to the shape of any type of windscreen. It can be said that they are all-purpose for any cars, while the others you must purchase one specifically made for the maker of your car. For example, if you prefer beam blades and have a Mercedes, you must purchase one specifically made for Mercedes windscreen.

Heated wiper blades are necessary to keep you safe during winter conditions. However, as a driver, you should know that wiper blades have to be changed every six months or 10,000 kilometres depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. That is regardless of the winter or if you have adapted heated wiper blades or not. So it would be a good idea to have two types of wiper blades and to change them each year. For instance, for the warm month and the cold month and renew each one every year to conform to regulations.


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