How To: Promote Your iOS and Android Mobile Apps

In our day to day life we mostly use mobile apps and now it’s a part of our routine. We use apps for every day to day work and thus application development is growing faster day by day .People are developing apps that makes our life easy for any work. Due to this many apps are developed which have same functions and thus that app developers face the insecurity about their work, so they use marketing strategies so that their app can get on the top chart list. As we know that nowadays android phones are used much rather than the ios phones. Due to this, many app developers whether they are ios or android face difficulty in marketing/promoting their application. compare to iPhone app, android apps are used more. android app review are read and on the basis of that application are downloaded and ios app reviews are written less compare to android so they get neglected sometimes. So, here are some effective ways that help in the better promotion bybuy ios installs.

Digital marketing/Social marketing

Digital marketing or social marketing is the best way to promote apps. using facebook, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram we can easily promote apps. as people are getting more into internet or social media it’s made easy for us to do promotion in the right way. we can also use google advertising for the app promotion.It’s one of the fastest way and the correct way to promote the apps.Every developer should use this strategy to promote their application by buy android installs.

Buy Reviews and Ratings for your app

The most frequently asked question for getting reviews and ratings is “how to get app reviews and ratings“. Nowadays android apps reviews and android apps ratings  or iphone app reviews and ratingsare more important as people first check ratings and reviews which are given by others and on the bases of these they download the application. on the bases of this, some android app developer buy android app reviews for marketing their application. so similarly, we can also buy ios app reviews which will help the developer  to get more downloads. but keep one thing in mind buying app reviews doesn’t mean by buying reviews only it’s all about getting positive reviews too. using these tip you can get your app on the list of best review app. not only these, some people used to buy app store reviews using app store reviews they can make people attracted more towards the iPhone application. not only reviews are important but ratings are similarly important. android app ratings are also bought such as android app reviews are bought. there are some people who used to work and get paid to reviews and make money using paid reviews only. so, one can pay for app reviews and rating to make their app to get promoted.

Increase downloads

The most asked question of mobile app developers is “how to increase app downloads ?”. so, here is some tip for you guys. to increase app downloads or getting app downloads more one can buy app downloads or it also means buy downloads for your app, it is similar to buy android app ratings or buying  app reviews for android. some android app developers use to buy android app downloads to increase their downloads and to bring their app on top downloads list, so similarly, you can buy ios app downloads. some people will also buy google play store reviews or buy app store reviews so that that can  improve android app rank. Due to this buying  of reviews it boost mobile downloads

Make your app free

making your app free will grab the attention of the people towards your app. some people don’t download the app because it’s on the paid list. so, making your app free for some time can also grab the attention of the people towards your app and these can increase your downloads

Blogging/make website

you can also make a blog on your application or make your application’s website that will help your app to get promoted more compare to others. you can also share these blog and website to your friends, family, and other known person and tell them to share with their friends and family members.

promote before the release

before releasing your application on app store or play store  promote it as much as you can. this will help you to increase your downloads on very first day of your releases. you can also do celebrity endorsement and make a video of it before it releases and share it on your blog, website and other social media so that on the release day people will get excited and download it on the day you release it

app review websites

app review website is one the best ways to increase your followers. You can put “Review my app” and ask the people out their to review your app. You can also pay to this website that can easily do your promotion as well as you can contact to their regular reviewers and you  get paid app reviews and thus you can buy mobile installs form them. Thus they provide you the service as app review service.


Here, are some tips that is used to promote in the android apps or ios apps. these tips are already used by some of the developers to make the promotion of their application

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