Kimberly Dey: Amazing Passion For Horses In A Budding Entrepreneur

Rightly has it been said that Passion has no limits, no boundaries. And this passion has allowed mankind to take abstract bends and turn in their life and acquire what they’ve always dreamt of. How about a passion for horses and their specific breeds? Even though it sounds absurd, but there are definitely some who features their life and interests on these different horse breeds. Kimberly Dey is one of them, who have actually reared this interest since childhood, and even though there are very faint connections of her family with horses, she has bred it deep within herself.

Herself an entrepreneur in a true sense, this is a completely different side of her that the entire world sees. While one side of her deals with the daily critical business affairs and latest technologies, the other side nurses the horse breeds that grow up in her own breeding center. Cultivating any passions shows the depth, and she is definitely an example of many. Being the Vice-President of the Charles B Wang International Foundation owned by her father doesn’t take away her passion at all and this helps to maintain the balance in life.

However, her passion doesn’t base up on some mere randomness. She’s thoroughly into it, and her mission in carrying up the breeding center is to ensure the rarest of the breeds are alive and ensure the future of agriculture as well through the genetic conservation of these animals. While going through a random study, Kimberly Dey found out that there are essentially four breeds of horses which have been given the heritage tag. They are:

  • The Caspians
  • The American Cream Draft Horses
  • Cleveland Bays
  • Spanish Colonial Mustangs

Of them, the American Cream Draft Horses is nothing but a native draft horse breed which first originated on this planet in the year 1905. The reason why the cream breed faced extinction was the mechanization of the agricultural industry, and their use reduced. However, they were distinguished by three different traits which were quite unique and significant- the cream color, the Amber eyes, and the pink colored skin.

The Caspians, on the contrary, is one of the most ancient breeds of horses that existed on this planet. While the entire universe considered to be extinct, this particular breed was rediscovered on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Going by the records which were taken way back in the year 2008, there are only 1600 Caspians left in the world out of which 500 are there in the United States.

The Colonial Spanish breed is another on the list which descended from the horses brought to America way back in the 1500s. Kimberly Dey studied and found out that they were one of the heaviest of all horse breeds that ever existed. It is this passion which helps her to find some Oxygen for the daily business affairs she needs to handle. With such diverse nature and capabilities, she stands out to be an example of the 21st-century modern woman to all.

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