The Composition of a Balanced Diet

When certain food items from different basic food groups are picked and put together in the correct quantities and states, the end result is known as a balanced diet. It is thus an amalgamation of different types of food that includes vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, lentils, etc. in the right quantities, to ensure that the nutrients required by the body are delivered in the perfect amounts.

A well balanced meal is a completely essential thing in today’s times, not just for adults but for children too. It is totally necessary that the body receives the proper amounts of vitamins, proteins, minerals and the right kind of fats, for it to function optimally. Missing out food from even one of the basic food groups, means that you are not providing the body with the proper input, so that it can give the expected output.

A balanced meal is something that all food enthusiasts like Naman Wakil will promote, because that is what can give the energy to carry out the daily chores of anyone’s life with ease. Whether you are a homemaker, a corporate officer, an actor, or even a sports person; you need to take care of your meals and a well-balanced diet is the answer.

The components of a balanced meal include certain types of oils, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, grains, and water. The name of oil in a balanced meal could be startling for most. But the fact is that these are not the regular harmful oils, instead they are healthy fats that are administered into the body through the oil like extra virgin olive oil. Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil too has healthy fats in it and can be used as a regular cooking medium. All other oils could be used as a dressing, in very small quantities, if it cannot be avoided at all.

Fruits and vegetables form a large part of a balanced meal, which should be consumed mostly in steamed or raw form to derive the maximum health benefits from them. These protect one form various kinds of illnesses which include cancer as well. The high fibre content of fruits and veggies are a very good way to cut down on your fat content.

This is the kind of meal Naman Wakil the certified foodie emphasises on – a meal that will help you gather all the energy to perform your best, everyday. He thinks that a balanced meal should be planned ahead by investing some of your time so that you can chalk out the healthy ingredients for your meal in place of all the unhealthy ingredients that are mostly consumed. He feels it is an art that one can master over time, and a method of enhancing the taste of meals as well, because once you start tasting real good food you are sure to bring your taste buds back to normal.

Lean meat like chicken, turkey, etc are the other components of a balanced diet, this is what lends you the protein portion for your health maintenance. The calcium portion is supplied by low or no fat dairy products. Grains and water are the other vital components that sum up a balanced diet. It is in the consumption of this kind of meal that your happiness and health is guaranteed.

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