The dentist and the spa – what do they have in common?

One of them, you would do almost anything to avoid; the other, you are desperate to go to. Both of them can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars to attend, but you only really want to go to one of them. One of them involves someone getting a little too up close and personal . . . and the other one is a spa. We are talking, of course, about the dentist and the spa, two areas that most people assume have absolutely nothing in common. After all, the dentist is all about a medical trip to ensure that your teeth are all healthy, and usually involves pain and discomfort, and some awkward questions about flossing! The spa, on the other hand, is surely all about rest and relaxation, enjoying the gentle care and consideration that people take to ensure that you feel and look wonderful.

When you think about them like that, of course you are going to think that they are completely different – when in fact, there are some strange and impressive similarities between them. You may think that they have absolutely nothing in common, but we would beg to differ. In fact, there are now painless dental spa services being offered at many spas up and down the country that you would be astonished at. So would many dentists. Often they like to believe that they are the only ones who can offer dental services to patients, as it gives them a clearer sense of purpose, but the truth is that their monopoly on dental health is slowly coming to an end. The dental surgery and the spa are starting to have far more in common than you would think.

Take, for example, teeth whitening. It has no medical value that we are aware of, just a cosmetic one, and yet thousands of people every year decide that they want to have their teeth whitened at a dental surgery. Why would you want to have your teeth whitened at a cold and clinical place when you can go to somewhere that offers painless dental spa services and have your teeth whitened while you sit back and relax in a comfortable chair, while having your toenails painted? It simply does not make sense: the dentist offers discomfort and a medical feeling, while a spa can make you a delicious lunch, and give you a facial before you leave! It is a total no brainer for most of us, and yet there are many who have not yet discovered painless dental spa services and so cannot take advantage of them.

Obviously there are going to be elements of dental work that sadly cannot be performed through painless dental spa services; dentures, for example, are a procedure a little too far down the line of dentistry to be accurately performed by someone in a spa. However, there is no reason that you cannot start to make your visits to the dentist more like a visit to the spa! There is nothing stopping you from treating yourself to a lovely lunch when you are finished, or painting your nails specially before or after you go in. You can take a few beauty magazines to read while you wait for the dentist to call you in, and then ask them to play soft and relaxing music while they look at you. All of these things are possible, and all of them will give you a little more of a sense that you are going somewhere relaxing and enjoyable . . . rather than going to the dentist!

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